Saba di Modena


Saba di Modena is the deliciously sweet cooked and caramelized reduction of unaged grape must, the same grape must used for balsamic vinegar. It’s made from hand picked, sun-ripened Lambrusco and Trebbiano grapes in Modena, Italy. Simmered in copper kettles over an open flame for several hours until it becomes a smooth, thick, amber-tinted syrup, it boasts a lovely, complex flavor redolent with notes of honey, fig, and sundried raisins.

There were ancient writings that noted a liquid much like balsamic called Saba, which came from the Greco, Roman, and Egyptian periods, was primarily used for sweetening just about anything. It’s making a modern-day comeback in fine dining establishments in a multitude of ways.

Use it to glaze vegetables, meats, and poultry; with cheese plates (magical with figs and marscapone cheese, a nice Brie or a robust Parmigiano-Reggiano). You’ll love it drizzled over ice cream, fresh fruit, cheesecake, yogurt, cakes,  and pancakes.

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